Caffeine is an indispensable natural product that we often try avoiding in our drinks, but its content keeps popping up in our diet through various dishes and beverages. The aroma of coffee would make us crave a sip of the strong natural flavor, which has led to the growth of coffee-brewing companies.

Shops keep multiplying on the streets to serve the public with the tastiest cup of coffee. Singaporean life has coffee at its heart, leaving the people wanting more after every sip. The humble Kopitiam (coffee shop) can be found on every corner of the city. This colloquial term has been derived by combining multiple words from Malay and the Hokkien dialect.

Modern coffee shops occupy the lands to satiate the cravings of the public, and Singapore has found ways to cater to the needs of every coffee consumer out there. However, the cafes established for coffee have expanded over the years to be known for more than their specialty drinks. If you are heading to Singapore for this year’s vacation, here is a list of the best cafes in the country.

1. Sarnies


This Aussie outpost is known for its strong coffee and delicious sandwiches. Sarnies also offer a reliable service, thereby bringing back all the regular customers for more of their dishes on the menu. The well-lit interiors and casual decorations make this space worth visiting. If you don’t want to have the meals in a confined space, the outdoor seating offers the perfect atmosphere for the day’s meeting.

For those who want to avoid crowds, lunchtime may not be the time for you to visit this café. White-collar gatherings are more in number when the sun is at its hottest. All of them would be at the café for the fresh sandwiches and desserts. It would be better for you to try their menu on weekends, as Sarnies is quieter these days, with only families and couples hitting up for the food.

2. Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli

An American-inspired space serves people with tasty sandwiches and a splendid façade. Wooden slats form the walls, the black and white tiles beautify the floor, and the bar stools and narrow tables limit the seating to a minimal aesthetic appeal. Despite the shortage of tables, this café is almost always crowded with hordes of people, especially at lunchtime. Some say the best sandwiches in town are at Park Bench Deli.

3. Glasshouse


Unlike many other cafes, this has a special place in the hearts of the people linked with the history of the land. Glasshouse was built for Instagram-friendly pictures, and it has been delivering the best results in the café business for some time now. This has been established on the grounds of a former convent, and that feature does bring in more people to the house of glass. When you are at this café, you must make sure to try the smooth brews of locally roasted beans, fresh beverages, and a wide range of sandwiches.