Full Venue Event

Up to 60 pax

Exclusivity of entire cafe

(Both Indoor and Alfresco)

Customisable Food Package

(Buffet Layout)

  • Free parking lots available

  • Waiver of corkage fee​

  • Floral ROM Decor

  • Flexibility of table layout

  • Mic & Sound system available

Solemnisation, Birthday Party, Product Launch, Media Event, Corporate Event, Farewell Party, Baby's First Month, etc.





Types of Events


Up to 20 pax

Exclusivity of alfesco area

Shared indoor area

Regular Menu

(Table Service)

  • Free parking lots available

  • No outside food & drinks

  • Basic ROM Decor

  • Basic table layout

  • Mic & Sound system not available

Solemnisation, Birthday Party, Proposal, Workshop, Company gathering, etc.

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