Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Introducing Boufé’s NEWLY-ADDED menu items! This year, Boufé Boutique Café has decided to bring back the old but gold concept of introducing items like ROASTED PORK BELLY, BAK CHOR, HEI BI HIAM and MORE! We have specially crafted a nostalgic yet modern experience, to encourage café lovers to bring not only their friends, but most importantly their folks to dine together!

​Boufe Breakfast Don ($13)

Japanese steamed rice topped with furikake, crispy roasted pork belly with yellow mustard, miso glazed grilled avocado, spicy dried shrimp sambal & sous vide egg

First of all, we have taken the Japanese Rice Bowl (Donburi) and added a Chinese twist to it. We included our local favorites, Siew Bak & Hei Bi Hiam, as a tribute to our roots. Interestingly enough, the addition of the miso glazed grilled avocado goes extremely well together with the Japanese pearl rice. This is definitely a dish that will leave you wanting more!

Did you know? Our café actually marinates the pork belly in-house, roasting it to a perfect crispy golden brown, while retaining the meat’s juiciness. Our customers have even commented that they thought the pork belly was bought pre-made as it was so delicious!

Ba Chor Hey Pasta ($14) Angel hair pasta, minced pork in homemade-thyme soya sauce, caramelised shallot, butter prawn & sous vide egg

When we were brainstorming our local favourites, Ba Chor Mee immediately came to mind. We added in a Western twist by using angel hair pasta instead of the usual yellow noodles, and infusing thyme (a common Western herb) into the soya sauce, giving the Ba Chor Pasta that extra depth of flavor.

​Yuzu Eggs Florentine ($19) Boufé’s artisan sourdough, sauteed baby spinach, Norway smoked salmon, poached eggs, homemade yuzu hollandaise sauce with paprika, salmon roe & fresh greens.

To balance out the rich taste of hollandaise sauce, yuzu is infused whereby the citrus flavor helps to give this unique dish a fresher and lighter taste. The salmon roe provides some juiciness and the combination of smoked salmon, spinach and fresh greens makes this a very healthy dish!

Hearty Pumpkin Salad ($12) Mixed salad tossed in honey yogurt dressing, topped with pomegranate, goat cheese, quinoa, roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seed &sunflower seed.

Not forgetting, here are the new drinks that we have come up with!

Rose Latte (hot: $5.50, iced: $6.50) Rose syrup, double shot of espresso, milk

​Irish Latte (hot: $5.50, iced: $6.50) Irish syrup, double shot of espresso, milk

Turkish Apple Tea ($5.00) Iced Apple Honey Tea ($5.50) Turkish apple tea, honey

Black Swan (hot: $5.00, iced: $6.00)

Black tea, milk

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Also, stay tuned to this space as we have lots of exciting things lined up! ​ Hope to see you soon!

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