Learning Journey with Boufé

Since 2018, Boufé has been actively hosting “Learning Journey” with various Secondary Schools. The course usually happens after their examinations and/or few weeks before their school holidays. Not only does this programme aims to further enhance the students’ interest in Food & Beverages, it also educates them about the ups & downs they might face in the industry.

Jurong West Secondary School

During this 2 hours of their journey with us, they will be experiencing;

1) Our Co-Founder sharing his entrepreneurship experience with the students, on how he become a business owner with lousy grades and without money.

Co-Founder Dennis sharing his experience.

Co-Founder Dennis sharing his insights.

2) After the sharing session with our Co-Founder, students will then split into 3 groups under the following occupations;

a. Pastry Chef

b. Hot Kitchen Chef

c. Barista

The main purpose of this split is to allow them to have a hands on experience based on their assigned occupation. Plus point.. they get to savour whatever they made!

3) In the Pastry Room station, we get the students to glaze our best selling cake- Boufé's Milky Way!

Students glazing "Milky Way"

4) In the Hot Kitchen, our chef educates the students on the hygiene requirements first followed by making a classic brunch must-have, the Eggs Benedict.

Our head chef JJ, teaching how to make our hollandaise sauce.

5) In the bar station, our barista shares the relevant equipments required to make a nice cuppa and of course, hand guiding them for the latte art. After all, it’s a skill that require lots of practices!

Barista Yongqi guiding the student pouring latte art.

All in all, we really enjoyed & were honoured to be able to share our experiences with the younger ones. It is a meaningful program to create opportunities to assist them in finding their interest/direction after their N Level or O Level.

Our trainers mentioned that whilst they are coaching, they are also learning and refreshing their own knowledge!

We look forward to the schools coming to Boufé this month.

Let’s learn & have fun together!

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