Boufe's Berry Tart Recipe

Blueberry Compote:

200g - IQF Blueberry

45g - Water

60g - Sugar

60g - Lemon Juice

Sable Dough:

150g Butter

150g Brown Sugar

175g Plain Flour

Cream Puff:

200g - Butter

200g - Milk

100g - Water

6g - Salt

40g - Sugar

240g - Cake Flour

300g - Egg

Sweet Tart:

90g - Icing Sugar

Pinch - Salt

32g - Ground Almond

270g - Cake Flour

144g - Butter

54g - Whole Egg

Almond Cream:

95g - Butter

120g - Icing Sugar

120g - Ground Almond

12g - Corn Flour

70g - Egg

70g - Cream

12g - Rum (optional)

Vanilla Pastry Cream:

500ml - Milk

1no - Vanilla Pod

100g - Egg Yolk

100g - Sugar

40g - Plain Flour

20g - Custard Powder

100g - Butter

250g - Whipped Cream (Stif peak)

Prepare Blueberry Compote, Almond Cream, Vanilla Pastry Cream and Sable Dough the night before.

Blueberry Compote Steps:

1. In a sauce pan, add 100g IQF Blueberry, Water, Sugar & Lemon Juice

2. Shimmer on medium heat for about 10mins

3. Add in remaining 100g IQF Blueberry and shimmer for 8 more mins, stir frequently

4. Let it chill overnight

5. Blend the compote before assembling

Almond Cream Steps:

1. Mix well* Butter, Icing Sugar, Ground Almond, Corn Flour & Egg

*Mixing machine in low speed & bind ingredients together without reaching fluffy stage.

2.Pour in Cream & Rum slowly

3. Mix well and chill it

Vanilla Pastry Cream Steps:

1. Whisk Egg Yolk and Sugar in a bowl (egg yolk mixture)

2. In a separate bowl, sieve plain flour and custard powder (flour mixture)

3. Combine flour mixture in egg yolk mixture and whisk it well

4. In a sauce pan, bring Milk & Vanilla Pod (split the vanilla bean & scrape out the seeds) to a boil

5. Once the milk mixture is boiled, pour 1/2 of it into egg yolk mixture patiently and stir well with a whisk to prevent cooked eggs

6. Turn down to low heat and pour the mixture back in the sauce pan

7. Keep whisking for around 1-2mins. (Due to high egg content, do not turn to high heat to avoid eggs being cooked)

8. Turn off the heat and stir in Butter.

9. Sieve the cream and leave it aside with a cling wrap on the surface before entering the chiller

10. Once chilled, fold in Whipped Cream (Stiff Peak)

Sable Dough Steps:

1. Mix well Butter and Brown Sugar

2. Pour in sieved Flour and mix till it becomes a dough

3. Place a partial amount of dough (easier to keep in home freezer) in between 2 greaseproof paper and roll it thin

4. Enter the freezer

On the actual day, prepare Cream Puffs & Sweet Tart

Cream Puffs Steps:

1. In a saucepan, combine Butter, Milk, Water, Salt & Sugar and bring to a boil

2. Gradually pour in sieved flour and stir it consistently with a wooden spoon or heat resistance spatula until the dough pulls away from the side of the pan

3. Scrape the dough into the mixing bowl and let it beat till its warm (not hot as you do not want the eggs to be cooked while adding in the next step)

4. Once warm or cool, add the eggs one at a time. (Only add the following egg once the mixture is thoroughly mixed)

5. Spoon the dough into a pastry bag fitted with a plain tip and pipe on the prepared baking sheet

6. Use a round cutter to cut out Sable Dough

7. Fit them nicely over the Cream Puffs

Oven Temperature: 180 Degree C

Baking Time: 25 - 30mins approx

Sweet Tart Steps:

1. Mix Icing Sugar, Salt, Ground Almond & Cake Flour evenly

2. Add Butter and beat till crumbly

3. Gradually pour in Egg until it comes together to form a dough

4. Place the dough between 2 sheets of parchment paper. Flatten into a rectangle with a rolling pin. Roll out to a sheet of about 3mm thick.

5. Transfer to a baking sheet (still covered and flat) and freeze until firm, approx. 5 - 10mins


1. Mould the Sweet Tart into a 16cm diameter tart ring

2. Prick with a fork

3. Pipe a thin layer of Almond Cream into the unbaked Sweet Tart (Do take note, Almond Cream will rise after baking)

4. Bake at165 Degree C oven temperature

Baking Time: 30 - 40mins (Timing may vary based on individual ovens)

(Once the Sweet Tarts are GOLDEN BROWN, it is time to take them out)

5. Leave it to cool

6. Once cool, using a piping bag, spoon Blueberry Compote and pipe a thin layer

7. Leave the Baked Tart aside to chill while preparing Vanilla Pastry Cream

8. Using a small knife, poke a hole below the cream puffs

9. Spoon the Vanilla Pastry Cream into a pastry bag fitted with a small plain tip

10. Pipe into the Cream Puffs through the hole you've created

11. Take out the Baked Tart and pipe the remaining Vanilla Pastry Cream to the brim

12. Assemble the filled Cream Puffs on top

13. Decorate the remaining space with berries or fruits of your liking

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