Boufe Jiggly Bunny Tart Assemble Procedure

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Jiggly Bunny Tart- a newest edition to the dessert menu that was just recently launched by Boufe Boutique Cafe!

Boufe's pastries have always been curated using french methods/recipes as our vision is to introduce European cakes to the local market.

1) Get ready a chilled baked chocolate tart and pour in melted chocolate.

Make sure it covers every area of the inner tart.

Once it's fully covered, pour out the remaining chocolate. Just a thin later of chocolate coating will do.

Reason for this, is to prevent the tart turning soggy quickly.

Pour melted chocolate.

Pour out remaining melted chocolate.

2) When every tart are coated (inner). Put it in the chiller to set.

While waiting, get ready pipping bag and a spatula/spoon.

To fill up the pipping bag with Azuki Beans.

Place the tarts into a chiller to set.

While waiting, fill up piping bag with Azuki beans.

3) Bring out the tart and pipe a layer (approx 0.5cm) of Azuki Beans. Once done put everything back in the chiller.

Pipe a layer of Azuki Beans.

4) Prepare Matcha Mousse, bring out the tarts and pipe Matcha Mousse to the brim of the tart.

5) Once done, bring the tarts to freezer to set for minimum 12 hours.

Matcha Mousse

Fill mousse with a pipping bag.

6) Prepare Soy Milk Pudding and bring to set in the chiller (minimum 5hrs).

Straining Soy Milk Pudding mixture.

Pour the mixture into the bunny mold.

7) Next day, bring out the tart and get ready to unmold the Soy Milk Bunny.

Unmolding Soy Milk Pudding (bunny) on Matcha Tart.

8) Final step, use a tweezer and place sesame seed on the Bunny's eyes.

Placing sesame seed on the bunny's eyes.

Do you prefer #Jigglethebunny or #Slicethebunny

1) Jiggle the bunny!

2) Slice the bunny!

Comment below which one do you think you will do for the gram? XD

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