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Boufé Boutique Café was founded by Sean Lee, Erik Wang & Dennis Lim in February 2015. Their Head Chef, Pan Jiajian, has been on Boufe's journey since day one.

Together, they walk towards their Vision:

To introduce home-made European pastries and bread to Singaporeans.

All-day brunch

Since the beginning, Boufé has been serving classic breakfast and brunch food. Their guiding principle is to produce as many ingredients in-house as possible. Hence, all of the brioche, sourdough slices and croissants are baked right in the pastry room itself! In 2018, Boufé starting serving fusion food items, aligned with their focus in encouraging diners to bring along their families to eat at our café.

Specialty Coffee

Being coffee lovers, the founders place particular emphasis on making the coffee taste great, carefully selecting the blend of coffee beans from local roasters. Every morning, the baristas spend time and effort to calibrate the specialty coffee by adjusting the grind size to ensure that it tastes as good as it can be.

Insta-worthy Cakes

All of the cakes are made using classic French recipes and techniques. To make them unique, the pastry chefs innovate by making the appearance look attractive and eye-catching!

Boufé's Mailing List

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Boufé Boutique Café